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General information

We invite you to submit your papers for publication in The Małopolska School of Economics in Tarnów Research Papers Collection.

Please prepare your contributions in keeping with the editor’s requirements and send them exclusively through the notification form which may be found online. Please read the rules approved by the editorial staff concerning the acceptance and reviewing of papers.
We wish to indicate that in keeping with the recommendations of the Programme Council of The Małopolska School of Economics in Tarnów Research Papers Collection the individual articles of authors are printed in given issues of the Journal. Co-authorship of articles is permitted. Publication of these kinds of articles depends on the decision of the editor-in-chief of the Journal.

Concerning papers prepared by several authors the person submitting the article must present additional information about the contribution to the article of each author (the following should be defined: the concept, assumptions, method, research, conclusions).

In the agreement concluded with the publisher the author/s shall declare that the paper presented for publication constitutes his/her/their original work, hitherto unpublished, is the result of his/her/their own research and does not infringe copyright belonging to other persons. Authors shall not be remunerated for publication (unless the agreement constitutes otherwise). Authors shall be given free-of-charge copies of the journal in which their article appears, the number of such copies being defined under the publisher’s agreement.

We remind authors that the principles on the ethics of scientific work place an obligation on authors to disclose information about the entities which helped in the creation of the article (by indicating substantive, material and financial contribution etc). In a similar manner, indication of co-authorship in an article of persons who did not actually participate in writing the article or whose participation was negligible, shall be looked upon as manifestation of scientific misconduct. All measures taken by authors submitting papers for publication in The Małopolska School of Economics in Tarnów Research Papers Collection, which violate the approved ethical principles in science, shall be documented by the editors, and in justified cases, the editor-in-chief shall take the decision to notify the institution which employs the author.