Research Papers Collection » 2009, Figurska Irena, issue 2(13) vol. 1, Wiśniewski Edward

IRENA FIGURSKA, EDWARD WIŚNIEWSKI: Competitiveness of Regions in the Knowledge Based Economy

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Nowadays regional competitiveness is becoming a very important subject of social-economics research. Different factors have main influence on regional competitiveness in the regions, that’s why the level of development and competitiveness in the regions is not the same. The processes of forming a modern economy in the regions are connected with constructing a knowledge based economy. In such an economy the knowledge is becoming the main resource of society, the basis for a functioning modern economy. Constructing a knowledge based economy in the regions demands implementation of activities, which are focused on creating, transferring and using knowledge for increasing competitiveness by all regions. It demands the implementation of procedures connected with knowledge management in the regions. This article deals with selected problems connected with regional competitiveness in a knowledge based economy. The author discussed the importance of human capital and innovativeness for the successful realization of knowledge based economy in the regions and conditions which should be fulfilled to realize this process effectively.