Research Papers Collection » 2009, issue 2(13) vol. 2, Stanienda Jolanta

JOLANTA STANIENDA: The Role of Clusters in Transfer of Innovation in the Tarnów Region

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In the modern world, innovations have become the root of modern strategy of business development, development of companies and the developing the prosperity of nations. A dynamic transfer of structures of developed economies has been noticed towards industries and services based on knowledge (economy based on knowledge). At the same time, a single event has been abandoned, while perceiving innovation and innovation processes in favour of a complex of events and phenomena offering new products, patterns, technologies and services. Innovative processes proceed in a specifi c arrangement of relations covering the network of companies, scientifi c and research institutions, non-governmental organizations and the government, public administration and community institutions. Within the network organization there are organizations co-operating with each others in the innovation processes. There you will find a cluster structure, which has become a new phenomenon in Poland. However, international experience proves, that the clusters belong to one of the most important factors of development and growth of economy. Contrary to other regional or state structures, there you will observe faster transfer of knowledge and technology, which has been achieved through the geographical closeness of subjects representing both industry and science (networking and interpersonal contacts).