Research Papers Collection » 2009, issue 1(12), Kozioł Leszek, Management

LESZEK KOZIOŁ: The Innovation System of Contemporary Enterprises

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The article presents the essence and significance of innovation for an enterprise’s development. It characterises sources and assumptions of innovation in an organization. The thesis was assumed in the executed research that one of the ways to transpose a traditional management system into a modern one, considering economy based on knowledge (GOW) is to apply an appropriate model of knowledge and information management. It was also declared that the basis, the “heart” of innovation is knowledge. Assuming that the point of departure is a general, multi-aspect model of organization management,
a model of knowledge and information management was proposed which would include a selected subsystem within its scope. As a consequence of empirical research being executed the main determinants of the innovation subsystem were defined. They formed the basis to indicate the directions of organizational changes which dynamise innovation of enterprises within the context of economy based on knowledge.