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Topics and deadlines

Dear Authors,

We invite you to submit your contributions for publication in the next issue of “The Małopolska School of Economics in Tarnów Research Papers Collection”.

The Research Papers publication in 2019 will be dedicated to company innovation activities and the analysis and perfection of organization.

Proposed  topics:

  • The nature and significance of innovation for socio-economic development;
  • Competition, globalization and innovation – new context;
  • Knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurship in management;
  • Models of the innovation process;
  • Models of a learning and innovative organization;
  • The architecture of national and regional systems of innovation;
  • Sources of innovation and support for innovation development of the organization;
  • Management of knowledge and innovations in organizations;
  • Strategies, methods and techniques of designing innovative solutions;
  • Innovation and competitiveness of Polish enterprises and institutions;
  • Social consequences of innovation.


Please read the guideline principles on how to submit contributions for printing in out publication.